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Digital Solutions

Software Solutions for Site and Workshop

Global Dynamic digital logbooks, reporting, equipment tracking and service technology, saves money and makes for great customer service.

Keeping track of your equipment maintenance schedules, site compliance, reporting & rectification of safety issues can be a tedious and time consuming task, that’s why Global Dynamic has developed a series of digital solutions that practically automate these tasks for owners and managers.

Digilog is our Australia first digital logbook for your fleet, know about faults as they happen to maximise your uptime.

Sitecert allows you digital access to all of your service, inspection, manuals, & SOP reports in one place perfect for streamlining equipment inductions.

Maxservice is our inhouse service system to provide you with compiled service records, inspection reports and tracking of your job in real time. Have access to your completed reports the moment the work is completed.

Godseye allows you access to equipment telematics anywhere. Know where your fleet is and how it is working any faults are instantly reported with real time tracking of technicians being mobilised for repairs.  


Take a look at our offerings by clicking on the links below  to see how they can save your business time and money and seamlessly allow you to maintain the highest level of reliability and safety.



  • Streamlines Compliance
  • Save time and breeze through site inspections
  • Cross-devices abilityAccess from your desktop,laptop,tablet or phone
  • Digital logbooks streamlining the reporting and maintenance programs