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Fitment and Structural Repairs

Crane and Access Fitment

Global Dynamic can provide fitment services for your vehicle loading crane and access equipment.

We are extensively tooled to provide all services required to fit and commission your crane or access equipment.

Modern vehicles have full Chassis, battery boxes, ad blue tanks, complicated exhausts, space consuming gearboxes. Making fitment less than straight forward. 

We make equipment fit-up simpler by utilizing CNC machined mounting plates for the most accurate fitment and manufacture sub-frames with remote mounts to avoid chassis wrapping mount bolts.

Global Dynamic can offer a complete service.

After fitment of the equipment, we offer complete commissioning of all hydraulics, conduct load testing and arrange for engineers sign-off for registration compliance. 

Insurance Repairs

When Accidents Happen

Accidents do happen. In the event your equipment has been damaged we also undertake insurance repairs on all makes and model’s of crane and access equipment. Talk to us today to have your equipment quoted, then repaired and re-certified after your insurance claim.

Let us help you get your equipment back to work.

We work with all major insurers. 

Structural and General Repairs

Global Dynamic has the fabrication and machining equipment to conduct almost any structural repair work on your lifting and access equipment. 

We can straighten and repair bent outriggers, cracked booms, damaged bolt down pockets, worn pivot points, line bore Franna articulated pivot points, and conduct crack testing. As part of this service we can provide certification paperwork for compliance.