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Cylinder Manufacture & Reconditioning

Global Dynamic’s Engineering division had the capabilities to recondition or if need be manufacture new hydraulic cylinders and components.  

We have a 4m long nut Buster with 40000ft/p of force to remove nuts and open seized glands enabling us to safely and accurately disassemble your cylinders.

Should components be damaged or excessively worn we can manufacture new glands, barrels, rods & pistons in our CNC Equipment.

New Barrels up to 150mm and glands and pistons to 400mm diameter.

Using only the highest quality materials we promise to have your leaking cylinders repaired fast.

All of our reconditioned and new cylinders are fitted with European quality seals which are often higher quality to OEM brands. Our Quality work is our guarantee. 

Global Dynamic can also supply and fit lock valves to older cylinders that require them for compliance on your lifting equipment, and pressure test for load holding ability

Talk to us today about how we can assist you with your hydraulic needs.