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GD Connect

Connect Your Team, Equipment And Records

The Future of Fleet Maintenance

Global Dynamic has recognized that efficient fleet management must be balanced with available time and budgets regardless of the size of your fleet.
GD Connect has been developed as an inspection, maintenance and reporting solution in conjunction with industry to offer real time fleet health updates, fault reporting and inspection compliance, using automation to lessen your workload.
By utilizing digital equipment logbooks, automated service and inspection reminders, cloud based reporting and compliance documentation accessible anywhere, GD Connect will improve safety, reliability and reduce costs at the full life cycle 10 year maintenance recondition and inspection.

Features of GD Connect

  • Cloud based access to fleet health updated in real time offering equipment "go/no go" safe use status with automated fault alerts
  • Digital Logbooks enabling real time fault reporting and record keeping
  • Automated service and inspection reminders
  • Site cert documentation package for equipment site inductions all documents in one place
  • Send fault pictures and videos in real time to tech support
  • Active fault lists and "push" action notifications
  • Offline reporting and automated file sync when connections are available
  • Full equipment life service history and inspection reports accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device
Owners, operators, fleet and service managers all have the same goal to maximize fleet up-time, safety and reliability. 
By using GD Connect the people in your organisation that need to know about a problem know straight away. This allows for greater control over equipment scheduling, planned maintenance, safe equipment status, condition, and cost.
We offer cloud storage of machine records and data accessible form any device. Make your maintenance and compliance requirements streamlined.
Why use carbon copy logbooks? The future is GD Connect.