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Service, Maintenance and Repair

Protect Your Investment

You can rely on us. Why? Because at Global Dynamic we understand the importance of protecting your equipment investment. Here’s how partnering with Global Dynamic for your servicing requirements reduces your risk and gives you peace of mind.

  • We are here to understand your needs and strive to maximize your up-time
  • Scheduled maintenance will reduce your overall operation costs ask us how
  • We offer Technology solutions to manage your equipment and service records. We make it simple for our partners
  • We have many options including service contracts to suit your needs
  • We use only the best filters, oils and parts to ensure your equipment is maintained in top condition

Take the GlobalChallenge and partner with us today

We are ready to support you.

We understand that your equipment is expensive and you rely on it to operate your business.

We believe that breakdowns are not an option.

That’s why we utilize our fleet management systems, engineering, hydraulic and service divisions to ensure we provide simply the best service repair quality. Combine this with our well trained service team that understand the importance of doing the job once and correctly, and our quality components your peace of mind is assured. 

This is how we ensure your equipment is maintained in top condition. 

You know you can rely on us!

Equipment Repairs

Global Dynamic can undertake repairs on all makes and models of equipment. Repairs can be undertaken on site or in workshop talk to us today to understand your fleet repair requirements.

When partnering with Global Dynamic you have access to GD Connect, a software tool enabling real time fault reporting.

GD Connect enables our technical team the ability to assess and diagnose faults before technician attends your site, creating faster repair to be undertaken. Just another way we maximize your equipment up-time. 

Insurance Repairs

When Accidents Happen

Accidents do happen. In the event your equipment has been damaged we also undertake insurance repairs on all makes and model’s of crane and access equipment. Talk to us today to have your equipment quoted, then repaired and re-certified after your insurance claim.

Let us help you get your equipment back to work.

We work with all major insurers. 

High Performance Oils For Your Equipment

We stock, use and recomend high quality Total oils.

Gates Hydraulic Hose

Genuine & High Quality Aftermarket Parts

We use genuine parts for your equipment wherever possible and where not we source high quality aftermarket parts


We Use Only The Best Filters

We use and recommend Fleetguard filters, known nationally for quality and reliability.