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Hose, Fittings and Tubing

Global Dynamic is an authorised stockist of Gates Hose and Fittings through Hardy Spicer Australia.

Our services are targeted at preventive maintenance of your equipment to avoid the risk of breakdown.

By stocking and distributing the Gates hydraulic hose and fitting range, Global Dynamic guarantees that we provide our customers with a system that has had all parts designed by Gates, including hose, fittings, and the crimping process to ensure this reliability.

Supporting this is our extensive range of adaptor’s to ensure the best hose fit for every application, coupled with clamps, sleeving, abrasion covers, valving as well as hydraulic componentry.

Our hose manufacture and repair services are at your disposal 24/7.

We offer hose inspections to detect damage before a hose failure and can set up regular scheduled maintenance programs for your hydraulic systems.

Just another way Global Dynamic is streamlining service and reliability to our customers.

As part of Global Dynamic hydraulic offering we can conduct hydraulic pipe fitment services. Damaged piping can effect the smooth operation of your equipment, and create turbulent oil flows, and hammering. 

We stock metric an imperial hydraulic tube and fittings.  Ensure your equipment is as reliable as the day it was purchased. Talk to us about replacing damaged or corroded tubing on your equipment today.